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That was well, strange but good at the same time.

The fuck... This Link can talk?!
Oh and not bad with the story, and the animation.

Almost thought that Link was going to be a silent character, this whole time.
It is really amusing and clever this whole episode.

Not really much of animation, more like a fast clip. Without sound music or even an END part. The idea was fun-ish, but could have done more; nothing personal right?

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Hay, this is great for the holidays and all, but there is just one problem?
You know the scene where you have to find the drum set, where the hell is the 6th?

You know, where is the 6 one for the drum set? I look around clicking onto anything. Nothing, happen, and when you play the key bords of the game. you see the letters and numbers, but no number 6?

GeoKureli responds:

can you clarify what you mean by 6th?

There is no 6 for any instrument. The keys are laid out like a piano and there is no e#

It's a bit tricky yet has simple controls, but I like this game.
Also the old school video game design is great, and the idea of being "DEATH" or "Grim Reaper" is a interesting character. The taker of life, the one that many have fear, also death is true justice; but that's just part is my own thought.
I really like this bloody game.

Well the game not too bad.

GroZZleR responds:

Thanks for playing.

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You rock DanJohansen, this song is so cool.
Even the title "Giants Kingdom", thats a good one.

DanJohansen responds:

Appreciate it, I was pleased with the name as well, might be the album's name! We'll see once I got all the tunes down. :)

How epic of you devil.

TastyTeo responds:

epic much

That was real cool what you just did.

Treviabot92-Virstein responds:

I would think so. I mean, it's one of the first two original compositions I've made that I liked.

Thanks for the review!

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Hay, is this character of yours going to be an animated cartoon or a min comic strip?

RafunFlaiz responds:

thanks for askin, the original intention was to just leave it as an ilustration, but it sounds great the idea of animating it.

The likeness is so great, The very tone and colours blending is perfect. Also what was your cousin's expression?

SourCherryJack responds:

Thanks, and I have not had a chance to get it to him

Yeah, your title of this webcomic is back to front.
You may want to change it, unless that what you wanted?

Is it some kind of man, a monster, or is it a red fox? Neither one of those descriptions. Its FallOutFox, the freedom talker.

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