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Posted by FallOutFox - April 18th, 2020

Dark alley corner, someone gets shot three times.

Down on the ground, slowly looks at the killer.

Suddenly wakes up, it was only a bad dream.

Surviving the day without getting into any trouble. Also finding a wanted criminal, personally dying for a powerful story. A reporter with a lot of guts, with nothing to lose. Close and opens the eyes, sitting in the desk. Holding paperwork in one hand, and picking up calls from the other. The feelings of disappointment with empty leads and no witnesses. 

Inside the reporter's mind: Seeing a lot of people just without their faces. 

The only faces are shown are the escaped criminals, just wanted posters spread around the city.

The reporter that wants justice, and the biggest news ever. And the police officer. The reporter's personal friend and face of a public hero. 

Obnoxious faceless workers started talking bad jokes. That disturbed the reporter's concentration.

The reporter went back to work when suddenly a mysterious call has given the reporter a tip. On where was the wanted criminal. The reporter wrote down the info and called another number.

The reporter called a friend from the police department. Told him where the criminal is going to be. Why a personal friend, instead of the whole police department?


Because the report knows the department has dirty police officers; also doesn't want to go their alone.

As they both got there, the criminal was here. The police officer pulled his gun, the reporter was grateful about the tip.

Just like where the criminal was, the dark alley corner. However, the criminal and police pulled their guns, only one of them fried.

The body was found and sent to the morgue, the victim was shot three times. The body was then identified as the reporter.


The Three Casings (Wordless Comic Strip)


Posted by FallOutFox - June 21st, 2019

Gato Roboto

A Cat with a mission, to save the captain. Armoured with a mech suit, Cat's fault for playing with the controls. Causing the spaceship to crash, onto a hostile planet.

Created by @Miroko and @josephbourgeois, who just so happens to be Newgrounds Members.

NG News: Gato Roboto Art Contest!

NG News: Gato Roboto Fan Art Winners!

Seen the release trailer, about this indie game. Before reading the NG News, about an art contest. Lost my chances to post this piece. Shouldn't have taken long, but did anyway. However, it doesn't matter, two reasons way. 

 I don't have a Steam account, would have, but didn't. Also, haven't read the guidelines properly. Thinking it was just a test or something... 

Well no matter, I'm still going to continue with this piece. 

This situation may sound similar, but this time its base on a video game. The working title is "Sweet but Homicidal," but might change it to something else. It is a one-page comic strip, casting other game related characters. 

Involving two survival games, and one first-person shooter. The titles of those games will be shown soon enough. 

The comic will be sent, but for now. Here is a pattern design piece. A line sketch, inked with no colours. After drawing out the little characters. There is only one known as Kiki. Besides the Captain, the little ones are let's are...?

Lets called them obstacles. 

 I don't want to because of those who haven't played the game. Because I should reveal too much, so no spoiler, or whatever. Should correctly read the contest guidelines more carefully. 


Oh and here is the rough sketch, just by looking a a screen.



Posted by FallOutFox - May 28th, 2019

First time moments during MCM Comic Con. Here are the images been taken, if you were to know the beginning.

Just so you know, none of these are in order. Just giving a heads up, to you Newgrounds.

Here are the costumes by strangers, we've just met:












(Saitama, again)








(Three Deadpool Teen Princess)



Still more to come...


Posted by FallOutFox - May 27th, 2019

You are probably wondering why this took so long? 

Not really a fast typer and there are only a few things I can do or remember correctly. Please don't be giving me any hate. 



That's right FallOutFox, I got Saturday pass, an early birthday present. From my brother including his friends. Who happen to be family members, moving on. There was Mamny, Sam, and Waleader. Those three including me and my brother. Not their real names, but let us keep it anonymous. We all want to the MCM Comic Con, ExCeL London. Don't desire to be gloating or anything, it's just our first time. Really I didn't know how this place was going to be. At first, I didn't know what gonna happen? 

How many are entering the building? Between wearing costumes or normal wears (more or less). Are they going to be a lot of - You get the idea.


Beside me is Mamny

Rorschach is FallOutFox (Me)

The one in the robe is Sam (Between three superheroes, and the dude)

Next to Sam is Waleader

One at front is my brother

On what I'm talking (typing) about. It was exciting even just by staring at the ExCeL building. We were near a parking lot, Manny asked one of the staffs. He told us that the parking was free. If it wasn't it could have cost £20 or more. The good thing it didn't have an expense, we searched our muscles from the car journey. Then headed towards the ExCel building. Walked towards the entrances, got a little lost but found our way. Lining up with all the others, this wasn't a joke. Not talking a thin layer of people, I'm talking about a large pile of people. Been told to line against the wall, that leads to the entrances. So we thought, it was another line to another line. Straight to the entrances, after having my backpack checked. This was real, to me, you only see this stuff between YouTube videos or online news. When entering we were at S6, S5, S4, to S3. Nearing the Live Stage (S810), Merch (S900), Letters (S1202), and Genki Gear (S1200). If you don't understand those numbers, relating to the map you see below. 



(Closer look, on Comic Village)

All of a sudden while walking around, a stranger wanted to take a photo of me. Other than some guy, with a Tim Burton style Penguin costume; holding a Penguin sketch. Who said my name, in a long creepy way. Not me exactly, the name of a character. Who I dress as, Watchman Rorschach. Well second time, someone wanted to take a picture of Sam. Let me explain, before that day the 25th. Sam told me he's going as Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent. Then it was Peter Parker, soon for a joke. I said, 'If you got a yellow wetsuit and red shoes. You would be Pac-Man.' It's funny because he was short, and I was taking the piss (Not heartless). Getting to the point, Sam just turned up, wearing a Superman bathrobe. Wearing of course clothes, just put on a robe. Heard about not taking effort but this was fucking ridiculous. Nothing wrong really, he wanted to wear it. It was cool, nothing against him. My costume was from head to waist, couldn't find the trousers and shoes. 


(Me posing, nothing funny in my pocket)


(Sam trying his luck, photo with them yes. The photo for him, zero)


Seem to be losing track, let's begin again. The five of us, walking and checking out everything. Mostly going back and forwards, until we had our picture taken. Nothing new, but you be wrong. It's one those advances camera editing machines. From the Horror channel (S610), I was the ghost, the other three acted scared. Later gone to the bar, getting drinks. While lining up, we saw someone dressed as Misty. You may think 'Oooohhh...That's kind of hot.' Not into Pokémon, but is much wider. If a beefed up bearded guy with glasses is wearing the costume. Not being judgemental or anything, but that takes a lot of balls. Hopefully not sticking out, Tee-Hee. It's funny, but not as funny as a Deadpool. Who was dancing, the caramelldansen dance? Wearing bunny ears, and with a unicorn? Couldn't get any better, until we stumbled aproned Deadpool teen princess. Three of them a least, Sam was slightly pushed towards them.  

The four wanted to see the cast from Arrow series, sadly they started at 11:00, it was already half one; or was is two? Whatever instead we want into the Main Stage (S120). The panels, live show with the manga artist. Akira Himekawa. Who created the 'The Legend of Zelda' manga series. There was more but personally, I wasn't really into the game. But it was cool to know about the manga. So we left, with little info about her. We continued walking around the place, taking photo shots from random strangers. With the most badass costumes. Browsing on comics, graphic novels, props, merchandises, old-school games, posters, movies (DVD/ Blu-ray), along with everything else. Additionally, there is something I wanted to do. At Comic Village, someone to meet, Simon Bisley (CV450). Other than DC comics, he also did A.B.C. Warriors Black Hole. Got the graphic novel, wanted him autograph it; if I was lucky. However, he wasn't here, felt a little ticked off. I and the others just carried on, took some free comics. First was Twisted Dark, by Neil Gibson. And Funny Pages, the treasury of British comics. The kid's comic book wasn't in my excitement. Neil Gibson's two-in-one story was. A horror theme relates to deep thoughts, a mix between The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Don't want to give away any spoilers. Even for a- lets called it an appetizer; for this M-rated comic. You can find this in Webtoons, the link is below:

Twisted Dark | LINE WEBTOON

(Starting to like this)


(Not interested with this, but here you go)

Moving from comics to something different, a piece of a wood block. This isn't a joke, it's an engraved piece. Using only a laser, crafting onto the wood. Links for Firefly Art is right here:

Products Archive - FireFlyArt.co.uk


So many to chose from, I picked the Joker. They were two options, one was the Heath Ledger Joker (Movie). The second was the Killing Joke Joker. The graphic novel Joker, not the poorly animated movie. Movie Joker was good, but can't say no to the graphic novel Joker; edition Num: 30/100. Mamny bought this for me, after paying for his one. Manny has chosen the Heath Ledger Joker. For himself, and paid for the Killing Joke for me. Then my brother and the rest of us looked around the posters. They were awesome designs, two for £20. Sam wanted a Venom poster. I picked out the Deadpool VS Venom one. After that, we good them autographed, by the creator himself. 

I would have done more photos or videos, but because of my heavy bag. Including walking around in circles. Losing track of the locations I was meant to find, but worth it. I was trying to find the Eddsworld table. Finally found the table, all I did was buy a wristband. Before you send anything to me, yes that was dumb.


Not worse than looking temporary on the 2000AD table (N700). I hope to buy something vintage, or maybe a figure of a character. If not my favourite, either of the DC or Marvel characters. Just one problem, I don't know where to put it. The vintage comic, however, I couldn't buy or find one. Did looked around other artists, who arn't from big publishers. When I mean look, I mean viewed a bit. Oh, plus we first heard an anime cover opening. From a fan, dressed as a maid. We were at N5, Pop Asia Stage (N1920). Sam wanted to know what she's singing?

I told him it was Soul Eater, first opening sone. Known as Resonance, by T.M.Revolution. Didn't tell him that last part, but we listened, then carried on. 


(Album cover)


(Soul Eater: Anime)

Don't want to complain or anything, but after everything. I didn't have the chance to bring any of my works. None whatsoever, felt like I wasted my time. 

Why?! You may ask...

Because I started to print some of my works, before doing my errands. When my errands were done, I then collected a few of my works. Between my graphic novel 'Breathing in Suffer,' and 'The Smitefuls.' Besides Breathing in Suffer, I only have two characters, just written backgrounds. Haven't been drawn out yet. Also when printing with inkjet paper, used inkjet paper just to save inks. The prints came out badly, from turning out small. To not been printed in a straight line, after everything. I only have four hours of sleep. 

Might be a second chance, next year... I supposedly do.

I wonder what I'm going to be, for next year?    

P.S. I will send more pictures, added with sketches.


Posted by FallOutFox - May 15th, 2019

Yeah... I really missed my moment, should have just started sketching the fan art. Instead, I was between practising and doing character designs. I could have posted this piece already, but it wasn't fully finished yet. Rather, I just used one of my old works. Which is an old joke, that's been done before.

Yeah, I know, a real lazy move, I get it. Let us not attach any bad comments, please. For now, I'll just post between the old and new works. Among other things around Newgrounds.


A sketch of the Hayao Miyazaki, with disappointment expression. It's not a meme, just a little portrait (landscape but you get the idea). Before you get all judgemental on me, this is a sketch traced. Using my lightbox table, which I was practising. Other than sorting my long essay since Univerity. 

Didn't mean to disappoint, however, not going to repeat the same mistake twice. Not perfect but I'll do my best for contests, and special events. In other words I carry on, not matter what. 


Posted by FallOutFox - May 3rd, 2019

Besides that long outburst of one posted news. Do look around my gallery, from art pieces to early examples of my movies. Other than my Newgrounds account, here are some links. besides you, some may look just the same as this account. May have been typed differently, but you get the idea.

In time you will see some official works. Between art pieces and animations. For now check out those right here. 


Posted by FallOutFox - May 3rd, 2019

Right, greetings Newgrounds... You are probably wondering, 'Who the hell is this guy?!' 'What does this amateur want?!'

This may sound like a late massage since 2012 when I first joined in. I realizing that it has been so long. I should have a least typed up news or announcements. Should have passed down updates, towards any of you hardcore creators. I know it might have been just nothing, that I'm just some nobody, who wants attention and affections?

No, to be honest, as the old quote goes. 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.' Maybe without the 'my dear,' but you get the idea. Haven't posted anything since 2017, or posted anything about my work. Until now, here in this mouth. Are three of the works I've posted. Titled as Creepshow, added with the other titles. Relates to the chapters, from the comic/ movie. Which you may or may not have seen, or read before. They really are practice sketches, without the pencilling. Have been rusty during the years, since I finished university.

However, there is another reason why I sketched those fragments. From this horror graphic novel, by the workaholic. Stephen King as all you are aware. PICO DAY 2019, is a week away. Won't be long until my very piece is posted. So get ready Newgrounds. FallOutFox, is here it be heard!!  

P.S. FallOutFox is my nickname, username, artist name, and supportive character name.

Foxes Aid, is my symbol. Then again, their might be a few chances. If I would change it, but personal doubt it. Might give is an update...